Blake the Rogue Reindeer & His Cocky Human

From the world of Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad-Ass Reindeer.

The North Pole isn't exactly as it appears in fairy tales. It has the elves and Santa and his reindeer, but Santa and Mrs. Claus aren't the jolly couple the world believes them to be. Far from it, actually. The reindeer are all shape-shifters who transform into gorgeous beings in human form and are respected by all.

Except Reindeer Blake Simpson, that is. Sure, he's beautiful like the others, but all respect for him flew off with the snowflakes last Christmas. When the Chief Reindeer offers him a chance to redeem himself he jumps on it without hesitation. All he has to do is keep a special visitor occupied leading up to the busiest night of the year.

For the first time in history, an outsider will be allowed inside the North Pole. Not just any outsider, but a human and Blake Simpson has never been fond of them. But a deal is a deal. He'll babysit the man and then get on with his life, now free of what caused him to self-destruct last year. When he meets Seth Grant sparks fly, and not just the good kind. Not only is he a human but he's a cocky one who Blake has met before.

Sometimes the magic of the North Pole has a sense of humor. Could the rogue reindeer and cocky human actually be meant for each other? Or will they be over before they start as secrets of Blake's past are revealed?


“It's just sex, Blake. Isn't that what you said to me the last time? No emotions. Just sex.”

“I'll only end up hurting you,” I say to the wall. “Worse than I did before.”

He moves from the back of the sofa and comes to stand directly in front of me. His dick is mere inches from my mouth. I have to swallow several times to keep from using my tongue on it. I close my eyes.

“I can't, Seth. If I take you now I'll be rough and I'll end up hurting you in other ways.”

“Being rough wasn't a concern of yours before.”

“I'm not the same person I was before.” 



“Ooh!” Willy pipes up. “Maybe he'll write a story about Santa and Mrs. Claus getting caught with their pants down with other people. If we get lucky, maybe he'll kill-”

“Don't finish that sentence, elf.”

“Randy, you're such a spoilsport. You can't say you haven't conjured up that scenario in your big head a time or a dozen. Continue. Maybe I'll write that story.”

“No, you won't. Your idea of a good story is nothing but sex, sex, and more sex. You'd never make it through writing a chapter because you'd have to stop and jerk off a half dozen times.”

“Ew! Not about Santa and Mrs. Claus. Yuck,” Willy comes back at him with a sour look on his face. “That's not even funny, Randy.” 

Reviews:Author Kelsy Kasey on Goodreads wrote:

I really didn't want to read this book. Honestly, had I known the A-1 asshole (that would be Blake Simpson) from book 2 had his own story coming up I probably wouldn't have started the series to begin with. I fell in love with naughty Willy the elf and his hot as fuck badass reindeer in the 1st book so I had to keep going.

As much as I hated Blake Simpson I just knew I'd hate his book. Blake was HORRIBLE in book 2. I was convinced there was no redeeming the prick. I was wrong. Not only was Blake redeemed but I ended up liking him.

Advice... reading all the books back-to-back is fine and dandy. However, if you despise Blake as much as I did in book 2 I highly suggest spreading book 2 and book 3 out a little. I admit to going in with an attitude about Blake.

Other reviews tell the story so I won't. I fell head over feet in love with Seth. There's one particular scene between him and Blake in the kitchen that gave me all kinds of feels. Not because he and Blake were all sappy and sweet but because Seth is a grumpy non-morning person (like me) and he has this really cute jealous moment.

Blake and Seth are good for each other.

I want more Willy (ha!) and Randy.

I adore Evan, though I'm still weird about Derek. I get his being protective of his mate but he got crazy with it. I was happy to see sweet Evan stand up for himself.

Mrs Bitchy Claus is freaking awesome and so is her jerk husband.

Blake has to make amends with a lot of folks and prove that he's free and clear of the drugs that caused him to be such an asshole before. The author wrote that brilliantly, surprising the shit out of me.

The humor that's expected was there along with a few serious parts.

The first sex scene? OMG! Seth wanted it and holy fuck did Blake give it to him.

Loved it.

Mee on Goodreads wrote:

How did the writer make Blake so atoned and lovable? I put this back in my reader queue because I believed one of my favourite series could be ruined forever but it never happened. Even though there isn't one of us who could point a finger because we aren't perfect, I thought I might do it but Blake had addictions which made him behave badly last year. I feel so happy and ready for Christmas now I've read about Blake and his man Seth and Blake's parents. I truly believe most people deserve a second chance. Good for you Blake in getting help and thanks to all the magical beings at the North Pole for giving second chances. 🙂

Donna on Goodreads wrote:

Addictions, as a general rule, ruin lives. So, it was nice to see after last years debacle that not only did Blake get a second chance, but he stepped up to the plate (ok, he may have spent 4 months or so looking for an easy out) and became the man we all figured he couldn't be, a recovering addict. Sad to say, most of us have had drug or alcohol addiction affect our lives, and not always with the wonderful results that Blake had. I think, in the world we live in, in the times of the Opioid Epidemic... we need to read stories like Blake's to give us hope for a better tomorrow... and can I just say, I love it when Mr. & Mrs. Claus are given a few home truths. Randy still rocks, IMHO! *grin*

Now, to see what is happening in Barry's life...

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