Welcome to ReindeerSecrets.com. You’ve entered a world only a select few are privy to. Not that long ago, a certain author had to go and tell our secrets while telling the story about one of our own, Evan Vickers. We’d kept it private for about a decade and that’s the way we liked it. But then Evan told Chief Reindeer Randy about an incident shared on here when he was younger and our secret was out. Oh, don’t get me wrong. We love Evan (everybody loves Evan… have you seen him? Hello!) and we don’t fault him a bit. And we’d be complete idiots to lay any blame on Chief Randy. He’s big. He’s bad. He’ll kick your ass from here to Tinsel Town. Ask anybody who’s been dumb enough to look at Elf Willy the wrong way. Just sayin’.

Once ReindeerSecrets.com was mentioned by Evan, quite a few people wanted to know if it was a real site. Before Evan’s story was published, the author (who’s making me say this) had acquired the domain so she wouldn’t get sued or some nonsense, as Willy the elf would say. 😉 So, yeah, we’re obviously real.

Because you all do know about us, we were strongly encouraged by the Chief himself to let the world know we all aren’t a bunch of jerks. Horny little bastards, yes, but not jerks. The above-mentioned incident didn’t exactly make Santa’s flying reindeer look like the cream of North Pole society.

So what should you expect on here? Let’s be blunt, shall we? We’re naughty. We get down and dirty anytime we choose and we don’t care much what anybody thinks about it. We’re Santa’s reindeer. Santa’s reindeer, until we find our mates, are all about sex. It’s nothing for most of our kind to have dozens of sex partners before we make it to our twenties. With that being, said, it should be noted strongly that this site should always, ALWAYS be considered NSFW. And if you’re not eighteen or older you shouldn’t be on here. We’re not exactly the reindeer you kiddos have grown up reading about and seeing in movies or on TV.

The site may be all pretty and festive, but I assure you, we are not a children’s site!

What else?

We are shifting reindeer. What does that mean, you ask? We can transform from reindeer form to that of a human in the blink of an eye. What? You thought we were just a bunch of reindeer with antlers? Uh, no. Unlike the reindeer you see in other parts of the world, those of us in the North Pole can shift on cue as long as we’re naked. While in human form, unless we tell you we’re reindeer you won’t know it. Trust me on that. I’d say we look just like the average human, but that would be a big lie. There’s nothing average about us and that includes our manly parts. We’re tall. We’re hung. We’re sexy. We could probably get any human in our beds we want, male or female.

Yeah, we’re pretty humble too. Can ya tell?

There will be naughty photos, GIFs, and random written sex scenes. There will likely be way more information about our world than you folks are interested in. There are 6 books in the Willy the Kinky Elf series so far, so there you go.

If you have any suggestions for things to be added, removed, or even story ideas for Willy’s World, shoot us a message or comment on one of the posts. Don’t be shy. You know we’re not. 😉

For those of you familiar with the previous Blogger site – from day one the site gave us fits. Every time it was fixed, and actually looked like it was supposed to, something else would happen with the html and it would go all wonky again. This is easier for the author and much more user-friendly. Blogger was good when we started. Now, not so much.

With all that being said, thanks for stopping by and for reading about Elf Willy and his friends. If you haven’t read the series and plan to, it’s highly suggested that you read them in order. If not, a lot of the characters and scenarios won’t make sense. That especially applies to Santa and Mrs. Claus.

You can find information for each story on their individual pages or here.

This page will remain on the homepage, but everything else should be easier to find than on Blogger. 

Ta ta!